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Blue Springs, MO, May 31, 2016 – Highlighting a solution to detect oil mist in ship engine rooms using video analytics, Fike Corp. recently won the Safety Award at the 2016 Lloyd’s List North American Maritime Awards event.

Video cameras are widely used in shipboard machinery spaces. Fike Video Analytics processes the video from these cameras, mounted in various hazard areas, to intelligently monitor and detect the unique signatures of oil mist, smoke, flame and reflected flame.

“A shipboard camera network combined with Fike Video Analytics creates a highly efficient means for rapidly detecting oil mist, a precursor to a potential fire or explosion,” said Rick Jeffress, Business Development Director at Fike. “The live video can be monitored by shipboard personnel and alarms linked to automation and safety management systems, allowing critical time to take action before disaster occurs.”

Fike features a full line of fire alarm, fire detection and control and fire suppression solutions, including video image detection, to keep people and valuable assets safe.

“Our awards support the best in the shipping business, as well as the best in shipping generally – from courageous seafarers to innovators who, through their inventions save lives, and organizations that go the extra mile to improve environmental standards,” Craig Eason, Deputy Editor of Lloyd’s List, pointed out.

About Fike
Fike is the experienced, trusted expert in rupture disc technologies, explosion protection, pressure activation, fire alarm systems and fire suppression solutions. In addition to its manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, Wales, Canada and India, Fike has sales and service offices throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.